Easy Mashed Potatoes

Since bringing in our potato harvest you can imagine what our side dishes have been like. Yes…all potato all the time!! Is there ever a bad time for potatoes though? Hash browns at breakfast, french fries at lunch and twice baked potatoes at dinner? I think so! While there are a myriad of possibilities for […]

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Why I Planted a Heritage Garden

  History means a lot to me, so much so, that I’ve traced my family tree back to the 1700s… No princesses yet, I’m afraid. I love learning classic skills that still have modern applications, like making my own soap, or knitting a cozy afghan. So when my husband Anthony pointed out that we should […]

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How to Harvest and Store Mint

Last year I planted one tiny peppermint plant and one tiny spearmint plant. I know how mint grows (I see you smiling and shaking your head)…like CRAZY! I just didn’t think it would grow as fast as it did. So, in order to take back my garden I took on the task of harvesting this […]

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