How to Avoid a Chicken Popsicle

January 6, 2018

Happy New Year!!


We rung in 2018 with freezing cold temperatures. Most of our local and provincial New Year celebrations were cancelled due to the frigid weather.

When that happens in Canada. You know it’s cold!

Now while I’m not one to be up nights worried about New Year celebrations. Usually because I can never make it to midnight. I am one to be up nights worried that my chickens are not warm enough.

Like I’ve said before, our flock is more like a flick. We keep 3 hens and 1 rooster in a cozy ‘A’ frame coop. The top half of the coop is where our chickens go to roost at night. It’s insulated, with a thick bed of pine shavings.

Normally this set up suits chickens quite well through the winter. But that’s during a regular Canadian winter. This winter is not a regular Canadian winter. Not where we live anyway. I did break down this year and added a heat lamp to the coop. I’m not crazy about electricity in the coop but this year it seemed necessary.

Last night the temperature went down to -30°C. That’s hurt your face cold. So we made the decision to bring the chickens in for the night. It was just too cold. I had horrible pictures in my head of 4 little shivering chickens saying ‘Ashlea, we’re freezing,  help us’!!

So where do you put chickens in your house?

We put them in the bathtub!


chickens in a box

Luckily I had two large boxes hanging around from grocery shopping earlier in the week. Anthony and I put paper and cardboard down in the bottom of the boxes, put the girls in one box and Hei Hei in another. We pulled the shower curtain over, put on a night light closed the bathroom door.

The night went well. The chickens were warm, I wasn’t worried and everyone slept.

Around 8am there was a little kerfuffal. Anthony and I jumped out of bed only to find Hei Hei on top of his box getting the hens all riled up! We took the chickens back outside with hopes of the temperature rising.

Waiting for the temps to rise was wishful thinking on my part!

We’re now hovering around -35°c and this is what my bathroom looks like.

4 chickens in a large cage

The chickens got an upgrade!


It looks like they’ll be spending another night in the house.

This whole thing is a little laughable really. Especially when you’re sitting down to pee and you have chickens staring at you!

Mr. Weatherman says today is going to be the end of these frigid temperatures. I’m sure all of us will be happy to have things back to normal. Poulty outside (live poultry anyway) and humans inside!!





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