Today We Planted Garlic

October 14, 2017

Well, we did it!

My Not So Pioneer Life has planted garlic!!

I have always struggled with what I should plant in my garden beds. I do have a limited amount of space and dedicating an entire bed to garlic has not been an option in the last two years.

This year I got serious. I knew I wanted to plant garlic, I knew I needed more space so I made it happen. My Dad came up with his tractor and cleared a space for us. I am oh so thankful for this luxury!

Picture of a man on an orange tractor working the soil
Thanks, Dad!

I have garden boxes for a reason kids!!! You can’t put a shovel into the ground here without hitting a rock. So yes we love being able to use Dad’s tractor!

The garden bed turned out beautifully! It did sit empty for a while in order for me to do my garlic planting research and make sure that I was ready to plant.


Today I was ready!


And so were my favourite helpers.

Sometimes the kids get a little annoyed when I ask them to help with planting or weeding garden beds. I mean, this is my thing, not theirs. But 8 times out of 10 they really embrace the task at hand and in the end they feel accomplished. And I treasure the time I spend with them doing what I love.

Once I had the ground turned, I used a 1/2 inch wooden dowl to make holes in the soil about 2 inches down. The kids followed me with the garlic cloves and we had 76 cloves of garlic planted in no time.We covered the garlic with soil and a layer of hay and we called it a day (see what I did there?!).

Picture of a small boy with a garden hoe covering garlic cloves with soil.

I hope they grow. I hope we did everything right.

Isn’t that what it’s all about though? Putting your time, sweat and hopes into the soil. Into the hands of mother nature and trusting her to work alongside you?

We’ve done our part.

I hope that in six months time you’ll be reading about how my garlic has popped out of the soil and that we’re expecting a healthy crop. Maybe I’ll be writing about learning how to braid it so I can proudly have it on display in my kitchen.

Until next year, that’s it for our garlic adventure!


picture of garlic cloves on soil

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