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September 5, 2017

A lot of folks dabble in DIY. I am happy that I learned to be a regular maker of home and body care products. It’s crafty, fun, and I can pronounce all the ingredients – time well spent. It also makes me feel in touch with the Pioneers who didn’t have the option of just going to the store to buy soap. The only downside is that I want to share some of these homemade products with people, but I usually only make enough for us at home.


Enter Sarah Crellin


Sarah is a local entrepreneur who has a wonderful and expanding Natural Body Care Line. She is the real deal, offering products and customer service that are above and beyond. You may have seen her name on the shelves at some local businesses, don’t worry if you haven’t, you’ll notice them now, or you can find her here!


Upon meeting, I noticed right away how informative Sarah was when she described her Care Products. When we got to talking, I felt good knowing she cares about what she makes as much as I do.  Sarah is passionate about making sure her ingredients are all natural. She’s also finding new ways to mix and create new items with her customers in mind.

This summer I had the pleasure of trying some of Sarah’s body care products. A tube of lavender lip balm, 2 different body scrubs and pina colada deodorant.


Before I had a chance to enjoy my goodies, I was already amazed. Sarah’s choice of packaging is tasteful as well as informative. On each label Sarah provides you with a list of the all natural ingredients. There is also a write up on the benefits of the product.

Enough of the technical stuff, everything smelled and felt amazing!! The lip balm moisturizes but doesn’t feel sticky.  The body scrubs left my skin feeling soft and exfoliated. The deodorant… come closer… smell me!!

Let’s just say everything does what it’s supposed to do without all the chemicals. I couldn’t ask for more.

Hold on! Sarah doesn’t stop at face scrubs and lip balm.  From bath bombs to beard oil you can quite literally cover yourself in her beauty products. Sarah also has an amazing selection of natural scents to choose from.



I have a feeling that I’ll be starting a collection of Sarah’s Natural Beauty Products at home.


Where Can You Find Her?


You can find Sarah’s Natural Beauty Products on her Facebook page and in the following stores

Kimberly’s DejaVu Boutique in Belleville, On

MzBlaze Nail and Beauty Salon in Tweed, On


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