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Why I Planted a Heritage Garden

August 9, 2017

beet roots in a basket with a seed package on top of them


History means a lot to me, so much so, that I’ve traced my family tree back to the 1700s… No princesses yet, I’m afraid.

I love learning classic skills that still have modern applications, like making my own soap, or knitting a cozy afghan. So when my husband Anthony pointed out that we should start saving seeds in the traditional way, it wasn’t long before I found a supplier of seeds that captured my heart.


Heritage Harvest Seed


Heritage Harvest Seed is an online Canadian heirloom/heritage seed company in Manitoba. They carry a wide variety from old standards to rare and endangered seeds.

This company is clearly passionate about what they do. They have over 700 varieties of seeds available to order, 200 of those are tomatoes. The majority of their seeds, they grow themselves and take good care to preserve their heritage.

Growing food has a rich history, and knowing where my seeds come from allows me to make myself and my kids a part of that story.

I got lost in love clicking through their website. Each fruit, vegetable, herb or flower (yes they have heirloom flowers too) that you click on has a detailed description of the plant and sometimes the date and where it came from.

Between my love for my garden, and my love of history, I was an easy sell. It didn’t take long for me to fully appreciate the value of growing an heirloom garden with lots of heritage seeds. Once I knew what I wanted, I did have one big problem to face. With 700 seeds to choose from, what was I going to plant?

Last year I tried out some different fruits and vegetables. Some things were a hit, like the sugar baby melons and others flopped like the sun-berries. While it’s fun to try new things, I decided to stick with our basic garden. Which grows tomatoes, onions, beets and cucumbers, just to name a few.harvest heritage seed catalogue

I like a good website and I often find what I need online. I also love a book I can hold, and I went ahead and ordered the free catalog that Heritage Harvest Seed offers so that I could flip through it ‘offline’ and jot down my ideas on paper.


Fast forward to August and my garden is booming!


My Detroit Dark Red Beets (circa 1892) are HUGE!!

a child holding a beet root
Dropping beets like a boss!


I have ‘Old Ukrainian’ Dill that is sky high and I will soon have more tomatoes then I know what to do with!


dill plants with a women standing behind them
Sky high dill


I am so happy with my decision to plant a heritage garden as well as support a Canadian company.

I welcome you to do the same and turn your garden into part of history!


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  1. I ordered from them as well. I have a container garden as space is very limited. The Boston pickling cucumbers are growing well. I will be ordering seed from them again next year.

    1. They’re a wonderful company aren’t they?! My pickling cucumbers are also doing well. In fact, I’m canning them today! I hope you enjoy your harvest!

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