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Tea for an Upset Stomach

August 6, 2017

picture of a chunk of ginger, a stalk of lemongrass and dry mint leaves

Anytime is a good time for tea. Whatever the reason, a celebration or a crisis, better put the kettle on.

Now, if you had told me a few years ago that I would be growing a garden of herbs to make my own tea blend, I would not have believed you. But here I am sharing a cup of home grown tea with you.

I had my gallbladder removed 6 years ago and ever since then my stomach has never been the same. I walk a fine line when it comes to food and while some days I can eat one thing other days that same thing can take me out of the game.

When I have an upset stomach, mint tea is the way I go. I recently harvested a large crop of mint from my healing garden, so I had a good start. But I needed something more.

Mint has many beneficial qualities, one of those being that it aids in the production of bile which in turn helps with digestion.

Lemon grass has anti-bacterial properties that also help with digestion and upset stomachs. Lucky me! I just happen to have some growing in the garden. I also had some fresh ginger in the kitchen which is a very common stomach remedy and provides nausea relief.

So there, I had my trio of super digestive herbs. Now to make tea.

The Blend

As I set my kettle to boil and gathered my ingredients I felt like a healer back in the 18th century. I was excited to pull together these ingredients and even more excited that two of those ingredients I grew myself. I have since been inspired to grow my own ginger.

picture of dry mint leaves, a chunk of ginger and cut up lemongrass


I cut up the stalk of lemongrass and gently crushed the ginger. I added 1 teaspoon of dry mint leaves to a tea ball along with the lemongrass and ginger. Then I closed the tea ball put it in my cup and poured the boiling water over it. After 5 minutes of steeping, my potion was ready!

All I can say is ….YUM!!

Yum and it worked!

This blend is now a regular part of my tea consumption because as I said before. Anytime is a good time for tea!




picture of cut up lemongrass, ginger and dry mint leaves

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