Plantain the Healing Weed

July 30, 2017

picture of the plantain weed


Over the past few years I have taken a keen interest in healing plants. This includes herbs, flowers and what most of us consider weeds.

I’ve been learning a lot about plantain. You’ve seen them, this weed is everywhere. You probably have it growing on your lawn. Plantain is known for many things from boosting the immune system to relieving sore throats and minor cuts. The juice in the leaves has antibacterial qualities and is known the help speed up wound healing while offering some pain relief.


a picture of a common plantain plant


Plantain to the rescue!!


The time to use the healing weed came a few weekends ago. We were at a community cook out when our Max tried to conquer a tree. The tree won and left someone with a nasty gash on their leg. We were no where near home, so we resorted to a water bottle and paper towel. We put our quick fix to use but this still left me with a screaming unhappy child.

I began to look around for inspiration. Trying to think of what could help, plantain leaves jumped into my head.

Anthony went in search of the leaves and when he got back (sorry if this is gross) I chewed up the leaves and put them on Max’s cuts. This quick remedy is known as a spit poultice.  In a perfect world being a mother of two boys I would carry a first aid kit at all times. I don’t live in that world so this was going to have to do.

After a few minutes of Max being totally grossed out at what I had just done, he calmed down and you could see that relief was on it’s way.


Plans for the future


As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I have taken a keen interest in natural healing. My dream is to have a natural medicine cabinet at home full of homemade remedies from tonics to tinctures and salves. Plantain will definitely be on that shelf.

In order to take advantage of this healing weed all year round I am in the process of making plantain infused oil.


Plantain Infused Oil

I have chosen a more traditional approach to making this oil but this is not the only way to do it.

First I started by harvesting a few leaves from each plant I found. I made sure not to use the whole plant because I want them to come back every year. Then I put the leaves in a mason jar and gently crushed them to release some of the juice. I covered the leaves with olive oil and put a lid on the jar. The jar will sit outside in the summer sun for 4 to 6 weeks until the healing properties of the leaves mix with the oil. Once that process is finished I’ll strain the leaves and keep the oil in a cool dark place until it’s needed.


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