Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler for 10000

July 25, 2017

chalk board written menu items

This week was a busy one, especially on the Not So Pioneer homestead.

I live in a small rural community. Our town’s population is a little over 1000, with 5500 people living in the surrounding Municipality.

In honour of Canada turning 150 this year, our community threw a huge cook out called Farm to Table where local farms were paired with local chefs to create delicious food. My close friend, Tristan and I moonlight in the baking/catering biz and were kindly asked to prepare 1000 servings of strawberry rhubarb cobbler. Did she say 1000?

You’re damn right I did!

We jumped at the chance! Being a part of the community is important to us and I would never pass up an opportunity to serve people homemade dessert.

I have a recipe for strawberry rhubarb cobbler, normally it serves 12 but I had to multiply that by 125 if I wanted it to feed 1000 people.

I fell into a haze of weights and measures. Kilograms, conversions, how many bags of this, how many tubs of that. I bake by weight whenever possible, because that’s the standard I was taught. I have found that it is the best way to make recipes come out the same every time. My technique to multiplying a recipe to this scale is to get the grand total, in grams, because you can use grams for Pounds (454) Or Kilograms (1000) when purchasing.

There were numbers, so many numbers.

The hardest part was choosing a larger pan, and calculating how many we would need. Thankfully my husband Anthony can eat up math problems like he does cobbler! Long story short, he figured out that we needed to cover 8000 square inches of surface area with cobbler. That’s 36 pans 20″x 12″ for those who love to know.

Anthony, I love that you solve complex problems like my very own Lt. Comm. Geordi La Forge. Make it so.

The Day Before the Event


Tristan and I split up the duties. She prepared 12 gallons of strawberry/rhubarb while I made 10 gallons of crumble topping. I give you gallons because we filled pails. That’s right, pails of cobbler (pails and pails!!). We made a quick exchange and began baking.

This worked out well for us, since both items were already prepared it was just pour the fruit, sprinkle the crumble and bake… times 36.


Stacked pans filled with strawberry rhubarb cobbler
18 pans of delicious Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler


In the end it took us 6 hours each to prepare 36 trays of cobbler and WOW did my house smell amazing!!


Time to Serve


The day of the Farm to Table event arrived and it was more then any of us could have expected. Our community came together, closed a street and set up tables and chairs for 1000.


tables and chairs lining a street


 A live band was playing in front of the library and the smell of the food was to die for.





Le Menu

chalk board written menu items


The dinner bell rang and people were at the food stations with their plates in hand, mouths watering. We knew the excitement for dessert would come a little later, but we didn’t have to wait long!


Two women standing behind a dessert table
Your Humble Servers


Our cobbler was a success! We received rave reviews and many thanks for our hard work.

Another shout out to the husbands, Anthony and Christopher for relieving us from our duties so we could enjoy a quick plate of dinner.

I’m still over the moon about being a part of this event, it really brought our community together and supported local farms.

Find the recipe here!



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