Modern Take on Traditional Skills

July 21, 2017



a bunch of hand picked daisies


My Not So Pioneer Life is about sharing my take on traditional skills and their value in a blended modern life.

What do I mean by blended?

I’m not about to give up my electricity or WiFi or my kitchen aid mixer. Instead I want to use these modern tools to find balance between getting back to basics and keeping with the times.

I’m not a holier than thou, all or nothing kinda gal. I am a do your best, do what you like, go with your instincts kind of personality. So if you want to make your own bar soap but buy your shampoo at the store then look no further.

You have a place here!


garden being watered
A few of our raised garden beds

But what am I doing here? What are these ‘traditional’ skills I’m talking about?

A big part of what we’re doing here revolves around food. Growing it, preserving it and eating it.


We also keep chickens and enjoy their eggs as well as their company.

4 chickens sitting on a tire
Our chickens

I am also learning about medicinal plants and herbs and will be expanding my healing garden this year.

I’ve taken a keen interest in foraging and I love to knit and bake from scratch.


I’m excited to share your company and advice while I share my experiences.


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  1. Are you thinking of writing a blog post on your raised garden beds? How to make them; soil composition? And what you planted?

    1. We have been working on a blog regarding the garden beds. They are my husbands handy work so I’m letting him take the reins on that one! We’ll try to get it up soon! Stay tuned!

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