How to Harvest and Store Mint

July 12, 2017

Last year I planted one tiny peppermint plant and one tiny spearmint plant. I know how mint grows (I see you smiling and shaking your head)…like CRAZY!

I just didn’t think it would grow as fast as it did.

So, in order to take back my garden I took on the task of harvesting this very intrusive, yet delicious herb!

Here you will find 6 easy steps to harvesting, drying and storing your mint crop!

The Harvest

scissors cutting spearimentThis was easy. Actually everything about this entire process is easy.

I harvested my beautiful sprigs first thing in the morning. The reason for the early morning harvest is to get leaves at their best while all the oils are still in them

All it took was kitchen scissors and a basket.



I must have cut about 5lbs of peppermint and picture of mint plantsspearmint that morning!

My basket was over flowing and the aroma was to die for.



The Rinse

It’s really important to make sure your mint is clean. I’m not sure about you but I’m not overly interested in bugs and dirt in my soon to be cup of tea.

Let the sprigs soak in cold water in your  kitchen sink or a clean basin for about 10 minutes.

mint sprigs soaking in a sink of water

Once the  sprigs have soaked take them out of the water, give them a shake and lay them out on a towel to dry off.

The Gather

After the mint is clean and laid out,  gather up  3-5 sprigs and tie the ends together with string.  Hang your mint in a cool dark place (for me this is my laundry room) for 6 to 8 weeks.bunches of mint sprigs hung to dry

The Dry

All you have to do now is wait.  You will know the leaves are dry when they are dry mint sprigsvery brittle and crumble in your hand.

Hands pulling mint leaves off stems

I had little hands to help get the leaves off of the stems and crumble them up. Never underestimate the help of little hands! To be honest I was surprised my 5 year old stuck with me as long as he did!

The Store

After your mint is all crumbled up you can place it in a mason jar and store it in a Jar of dry mint leavescool dark place .

In the first couple of days keep an eye on your jar to make sure no moisture has collected. No one wants moldy mint.

The Consumption

I dried my mint leaves for the sole purpose of enjoying a delicious cup of tea.

Add boiling water to one teaspoon of dried mint leaves (I like to add a dash of sugar just for that extra sweetness) and enjoy!

Why Stop Here?

You don’t have to stop at tea to enjoy your harvest. Why not make a sugar scrub, or add it to your homemade soap? You can also use fresh mint to make mint extract or add it to your lemonade. The possibilities are endless!


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