Essential Oil Ear Pain Relief

June 12, 2017


a bottle of lavender and lemon essential oil


If you have children you know that coughs, fevers, runny noses and ear infections come in the middle of the night.

What was once a happy child frolicking through the day has now turned in to a screaming,  crying, NOT SLEEPING child (the worst and saddest kind).

As a parent you also know that your options in the middle of the night are not the greatest as far as help is concerned and depending on the age of your children you can’t always give them a cold remedy or antibiotics.

At our home we are slowly beginning to embrace essential oils. I know it’s a super trendy thing right now but after the night I had, I am singing their praises!

I’ve slowly been building up my essential oil collection and using them for DIY cleaning products. I’m so glad I’ve been doing this because on the dreaded ear pain night I will tell you about I really needed them!

Around 11:30 one night our youngest woke up screaming in pain. His ear was sore, I mean really sore. I’ve never dealt with ear pain before, I had no idea what to do.

So what do you do in the 21st century when you need a home remedy?! Google it!!

Yes I did go online to find a remedy. Yes I know that the ‘internet’ does not know all, but instead of going to the emergency room to sit with my 4-year-old for hours I went online hoping to find something natural that could get us through the night.

I found many articles talking about using lavender essential oil, coconut oil and lemon essential oil to help soothe ear pain.
Armed with my new knowledge, here’s what I did!


Essential Oil Relief


I put a few drops of doTerra Lavender Essential Oil on to a cotton ball and put it in his ear.

I then mixed coconut oil with a few drops of doTerra Lemon Essential Oil and messaged it in down ward strokes behind his ear going top to bottom.

Keep this in your back pocket parents! The relief that it brought to my guy was amazing.

I used this remedy on our guy twice that night (in the middle of the night and VERY early morning) and each time he was back to sleep in less than 5 minutes, and managed to stay asleep for hours.

I honestly can’t believe how well this home remedy worked, and twice!

A side note:

I am not a doctor, I’m just a Mom looking for quick ear pain relief in the middle of the night.
In our home we are all for natural healing if possible but antibiotics are our friend and we would never want our children to suffer any longer then they have to or at all.
I did take our guy to the doctor the following day where I was told to continue with my treatment since it seemed like it was working and that his ear should clear up in a day or two. Which it did!

**This is not medical advice**


two bottles of essential oil. Lemon and lavender

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